CSI: Coaching – Is Your Life a Crime Scene? By Maureen Hewitt

Image   Although I have always been interested in CSI and crime thrillers I never for a moment thought I would end up in a career dealing up close and personal with some serial criminals.  However, looking back over the last 10  years I can see how similar professional  coaching and being a crime scene investigator  actually are.

There is a trail of evidence,  some valuables missing and a very obvious suspect who seems hell bent on avoiding the simple question – “What did you do with your potential?”. Sometimes the suspect in question pretends they  never had any in the first place, some try to blame others for stealing away their opportunity to have any (my parents, the teachers, having children) , some even go so far as to say they ran out of potential, they are finished, fully developed humans and have no room for change! (beware, these are the most at risk to themselves and to others).

I call these ‘potential criminals’.  They don’t always commit the same type of crime – some are career criminals, staying in the same old job year after year totally unsatisfied and underperforming , some are like petty thieves – they steal the dreams and goals of others and never invest in their own future – you can hear them say – “I should have gotten that job”, “I should have married him/her”, “I should have won the lotto not them!”.  Some are very very good at hiding their crimes – they have shiny cars and nice houses and designer suits but underneath it all they are miserable, they are full of self doubt and they beat themselves up for not being happy.

As with any good investigation, you need to gather evidence, study and present the facts

1. When did you see your potential last?

How alive was it ?  a)  very alive        b) barely alive        c) dead as a door nail

2. Put the facts under a microscope?

What were you doing in your past that helped you grow and develop as a person ?

3. Identify the circumstance?

What was going on in your life at that time that motivated you to learn?

4. Figure out how to get it back?

What are you willing to do to continue to learn and wise up?

5. Examine the accountability

If you don’t wise up you will be sentenced to ….

How to avoid a life of crime?

WISE UP, GET UP and SIGN UP for coaching.