Good morning to all. I hope that the world, Boston and Texas are now turning their attention to healing and peace. I don’t normally post stuff like this but I was moved to express my thoughts. We live in an interesting world of so many opinions, beliefs and ideas. It’s what makes us Americans. However, let us not forget that we are human. We are passionate and capable of a great deal of compassion. It is what we need in moving forward. We may never know the true reason as to why people think violence is the answer. We, as a human race, are built to do amazing things and one of the most instinctual skills we have is unity/community in the midst of adversity. I don’t always watch the news but when something like what happened at the Boston Marathon and how two men shut down a city like Boston it brings me pause. As I played witness to the turns of events I kept asking, what is the lesson here? What do we need to be aware of as a people? So I am putting out that question to all of you. When I heard the last young man was captured a great sense of relief came over me with an equal amount of sadness because after all he to is human and some where along the line he/they got lost or where they serving a bigger purpose. So I sit here this morning in deep gratitude for those we lost for their exit was not in vain. May we all find the compassion to heal, in a world far too engulfed in righteousness and hate. Let us shine bright in compassion and grace.