Tool Bag

The four Agreements

I often remind clients to practice the art of not taking things personal. A skill that puts us all in the driver’s seat of our emotions and reactions. I found myself in great remembrance of  this skill recently. What do you do when you find yourself at the other end of someones emotional punching bag? Our first instinct is to protect ourselves. How we choose to protect sets the tone. So lets keep that in mind. Do we want to go down the rabbit hole? Most of us do. However, When we practice the art of “not taking things personal” you have a tendency to pause, breath and step back just enough to stay detached and have a clearer perspective as to what is going on. OK, so you must be saying to yourself this is all well and good but how do I do this? There is a key component to this and that is to first figure out what type we are. What I mean by that is:

  1. Do we get hurt easily?
  2. Are we reactionary?
  3. Do we have triggers?

These are some examples. We are all unique so add what applies to you. Once we figure out the type we are we can then work from that knowing. Then of course life will present us with opportunities to practice. So with every situation practice, practice, practice. Before long it will be such a part of you that it will happen instinctively.

In doing this work, I’ve realized that I am type 2( Reactionary). Having that information in my tool bag has certainly helped in most situation. I am human, so I have had less than graceful moments. However, each time it gets better and better.  In closing, I would like to  thank the person that gave me the opportunity to practice, so that I might be one step closer to self-mastery.

I wish you all enough.

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